As we start emerging victorious from the virus, many organisations will be encouraging employees to work from home/remotely/rotational attendance to ensure less dense work environments. 
While work from home will continue to dominate, Sculpt Rental offers a range of products/packages for those that crave team interaction and collaboration in permissible groups that meet Covid Health Hygiene standards. The range offers packages varying from single studio setup for individuals to multiple seating collaborative areas providing essentials for a modular office set up at AFFORDABLE prices !!
Reach out to our design team to design your own custom creative space for you and your co-workers! Alternatively, feel free to write to us for our basic packages. 
Also for those start-ups that are struggling to bounce back after the long gap and are weary to invest and commit to permanent purchases, Sculpt Rentals assures to support you in providing affordable solutions for your teams.